CGC Energie offers a diverse range of services for public and private healthcare facilities, including energy management and overall building management.

We offer public and private healthcare facilities (including hospitals, clinics, healthcare units, emergency medical services, etc.) services with exceptional added value by managing non-medical activities, from ensuring the comfort of patients and staff to building maintenance.

Specifically, we manage energy, control health risks and can even provide overall building management services.

Energy management

Making sure that patients, visitors and staff have a comfortable environment, ensuring a constant supply of electricity for technical equipment, providing good quality utilities in sufficient quantities (cold, water vapour, medical vacuums, etc.) for medical and logistical purposes, optimising energy consumption: all these call for our knowledge in energy management and a wide range of technical services.

Safety: a crucial matter

Safety is integral to the everyday running of healthcare establishments.

Safety is also at the heart of continual service improvements, from regulatory and environmental audits to managing technical risks.

CGC Energie – Health customers: hospitals and emergency medical services

Supporting customers as their assets evolve

Healthcare establishments are constantly evolving, whether in terms of their infrastructure, needs or the environment, so it is essential to provide flexible services with an in-depth understanding of their concerns. It is a matter of optimising the building operating costs while complying with medical budgets, ensuring regulatory compliance and modernising.

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