From engineering studies to maintenance, CGC Energie offers you a turnkey service

Work on new installations and renovations

Our experts will be by your side throughout your projects, carrying out work such as:

Engineering studies and dimensioning

Heat production and distribution concepts

Building and renovating boiler rooms

Designing and building district heating systems and solar thermal systems

Designing thermal and wood-fired power plants

Installing heat pumps

CGC Energie – Heating – Studies, installation, servicing – Maintenance

Maintaining and operating technical installations

Our experts optimise the performance of your systems by:

Maintaining and operating technical installations

Maintaining and operating thermal power plants and district heating systems

Optimising and adjusting systems

Regularly performing water analyses

Water treatment in accordance with SICC BT 102-01, if required

Measurement, control and regulation

Commissioning, auditing and energy monitoring

How we add value

Informing you on how to get compliant with the Swiss energy law applicable in your canton

Energy performance commitment

Our ISO 3834-2 SQS certificate for welding Contact us