We are pleased to offer you all our services, from studies to maintenance, helping you to optimise your operational costs

Experts in food processing, the automotive industry, paper, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy and refineries all want to focus on what’s important: their actual work.

That is why we offer all our services related to studies, engineering, purchasing, operation and maintenance to help them reduce their energy procurement costs, manage their consumption and work with efficient tools for producing, distributing and using energy.

Optimising energy supply

Energy savings and reducing greenhouse gases: these are two major challenges in industry.

By tailoring our services to all the managed sites and accounting for all their differences, and by expanding our services and the geographical area we cover, we put our customers in the best position to address these challenges throughout the energy management chain.

From utilities to delegated general services

Whether it is managing energy-related utilities, maintaining tools for production, air conditioning, building and infrastructure management or handling delegated general services, we take care of coordinating the right services to optimise energy and environmental performance at our customers’ premises.

CGC Energie – Industrial customers

Expertise tailored to your sector

Each industrial sector has its own set of challenges requiring a tailored approach. This could mean managing the increased risks associated with the chemical industry, providing a continuous supply of water vapour for paper mills, ensuring stringent levels of air processing for pharmaceutical production or meeting the crucial need for flexible production tools in the automotive industry.

We pride ourselves on our expertise, which is based not only on the latest quality and safety standards but also on bringing our customers solutions tailored to their specific environments.

A few references

CRICAD installation

Generating heat by burning wood waste and electricity using ORC turbines

12 MW district heating

500 kW of electrical power

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