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Our presence in Switzerland

With its 200 staff, CGC Energie prioritises being local and offering bespoke services, all while taking the customer’s financial requirements into account.

That’s why we now have five branches in Switzerland.

Find your nearest branch and get in touch.

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The Managers at CGC Energie

CGC Energie - Jean-Philippe Louet - Président Directeur Général

Jean-Philippe Louet

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

CGC Energie - Fabrice Somma - Directeur travaux

Fabrice Somma

Construction Manager

CGC Energie - Andrea Mansutti - Directeur Administratif et Financier

Andrea Mansutti

Chief Financial Officer

CGC Energie - Jean-Louis Chamosset - Directeur commercial

Jean-Louis Chamosset

Commercial Director


Antoine Guigue

Commercial Director

CGC Energie - Florian Masson- Directeur développement et projets

Florian Masson

Director of Development and Projects