Tertiary and commercial

We optimise the operation of large urban spaces, from shopping centres and hotels to office buildings and research facilities.

From office buildings to shopping and leisure centres, from teaching and research facilities to hotels, we make sure that staff and the public have every comfort, and we optimise the operating costs of large urban spaces with the right indoor atmosphere, communication networks, lighting, lifts, safety and security systems, cleaning, etc.

Buildings and offices, and the major services sector

The first priority for our teams is to ensure that employees can work well and in comfort by helping the office buildings to operate smoothly.

We offer our customers a single point of contact who will share a wealth of skills and exceptional service standards, whatever the size and number of buildings involved. This means that we can provide consistent services for customers working across several national or international sites.

International organisations

International organisations require buildings with outstanding management services and an exceptional understanding of the most complex technologies.

We optimise services and operating costs by providing our expertise in reducing energy consumption and through teams who are professionals in managing on-site technical installations, electricity, heating and ventilation as well as telecoms and fire detection systems.

CGC Energie – Tertiary customers, shopping centres and hotels

Spaces for hosting the public and other tertiary sector sites

Shopping centres, leisure centres and hotels welcome large numbers of visitors and customers who look for the utmost comfort, the best welcome, exceptional levels of cleanliness and a good range of services.

With our wide portfolio of technical expertise, including specialised knowledge in areas such as optimising costs associated with retail spaces, we help to increase the appeal of our customers’ sites and help them welcome visitors.

Shopping centres

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, smoke extraction, as well as plumbing for sanitary facilities, power generators, lifts, display panels, gates and railings: all these systems and technologies are needed in public spaces and call for our knowledge in comfort, safety and efficiency, particularly in shopping centres.

A few references

Maintenance, operation

Covering multiple technologies

Measurement, control and regulation

Computerised maintenance management system (CMMS)

Total area covered in Switzerland: over 150,000 m2.

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